Gone Green: Custom Aquatic is on the forefront of local businesses dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment.  We have implemented protective measures and continue to streamline our practices to ensure the most ecologically-friendly results we can produce.  Custom Aquatic has been an example in the community for years as a “green” business and has been recognized by various civic organizations for its outstanding conduct in the fight to save our planet.

Recycling: At Custom Aquatic, we have a very regulated recycling program which ensures our waste output is very minimal.  We use only 100% post-consumer recycled paper for our entire company.  Although we try to minimize our paper usage by storing information electronically, when paper is discarded, it is once again recycled, along with our cardboard, and virtually all other paper products we utilize.  Our printer and toner catridges, along with any other various computer or printer hardware, are also recycled on a regular basis. 

Solid Waste: Due to our aggressive recycling program,  we are proud to state the entire weekly solid waste output of Custom Aquatic fits in two standard-sized trash bins.  Although all of our neighbors employ the use of large dumpsters, we are able to streamline the vast majority of our waste into effective recycling techniques and minimize our damage to the environment by only filling a few trash cans per week.  Truly a great achievement for a large, multi-million dollar corporation!

Energy Efficient: We have implemented a variety of energy-efficient policies designed to exemplify simple ways a company can help the environment.  The lighting for the majority of our corporate office and our entire warehouse is all-natural via window panels – no costly, energy-draining lighting units or bulky over-head fixtures.  Our computer systems and other electrical services are automated on timers, preventing an employee or custodian from accidentally leaving something on.  Furthermore, we strive to purchase only “energy-efficient” products, from computers to bulbs to gadgets for our breakroom, ensuring we are promoting our stance as a green company.

Closing: If you are environmentally-aware, you can buy with confidence from Custom Aquatic.  We continue to go out of our way to stand by our commitment to the planet and to educate others in techniques to preserve our habitat for generations to come.