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Bromide Fluoride Supplement 1 gal. ESV

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Description: Bromide Fluoride Supplement 16 oz conservatively adds these important major ions which can be depleted via calcification and biological organic synthesis.
Brand: ESV

Product Information

Bromide Fluoride Supplement 16oz. ESV

Bromide-Fluoride Supplement is a microelement often overlooked by hobbyists and may be depleted if water changes are infrequent.

Our Bromide Fluoride Supplement conservatively adds these important major ions which can be depleted via calcification and biological organic synthesis. Fluoride is concentrated in coral skeleton and may play an important role in calcification. Some marine organisms use bromide to synthesize organic anti microbial compounds which may enhance their ability to resist disease. Bromide, like iodide, is also highly concentrated in many marine algae. Any export of these algae from the system, such as harvesting algae filters and photosynthetic particulate removal via protein skimming, could result in depletion of bromide.

Dosage: 1 ml per 6.5 gallons aquarium water per week.

Ionic Concentration:
Bromide: 26,255 ppm
Fluoride: 488 ppm

Thank you for your interest in ESV Aquarium Products, Inc. We are a family owned and operated chemical specialties business, established in 1932. Our many years in the chemical industry and aquarium hobby, combined with my experience as a marine biologist, enable us to bring the marine aquarist high quality specialty chemicals at low prices.

Over the last several years I have spoken and listened to countless aquarists regarding what they would like to see changed in the way aquarium chemicals are sold. First, they would like to get better information with regard to they are adding to the systems they ve worked so hard to establish. We address this problem by labeling all our products with the names and concentrations of ingredients. In the very few instances where we feel our formulas are proprietary we will still list ionic concentrations. Unlike many of our competitors we also list lot numbers on all of our products along with date tested and filled. All testing is done in our own quality control laboratory.

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