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Iwaki 10 HP Motor 230/460 volt 3 phase

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Description: Iwaki 10 Horsepower motor, 230 or 460 volt 3 phase, To be used with Iwaki pump head part # WP-IKMDM-326
Brand: Iwaki Pumps

Product Information

Iwaki 10 Horsepower motor, 230 or 460 volt 3 phase, To be used with Iwaki pump head part # WP-IKMDM-326

Iwaki water pumps are magnetic driven, seamless pumps for use on either freshwater or saltwater aquariums. These pumps have a low heat exchange rate combined with quiet operation. Also the Iwaki pumps have a highly durable and aquarium tested design.

WMD pumps have American Made Motors
MD pumps have Japanese Made Motors
RLT pumps are for pressure applications
RZT pumps are for very high pressure applications
RLXT pumps are for circulation and wet or dry return

Iwaki America Inc. of Holliston, Massachusetts, is a joint venture which grew from a 15 year association between Walchem Corp. of Holliston, MA and Iwaki Co. Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan.

Combining Walchems 30 years of chemical injection and control experience with Iwakis 50 years of pump design engineering, Iwaki America offers the best chemical handling equipment for use in Chemical Process, O.E.M., Industrial and Semiconductor applications.

Iwaki Americas World Headquarters, in Holliston, Massachusetts, is located in scenic and aptly named Hopping Brook Park, and was first occupied in 1989. The 30,000 square feet building was quickly outgrown.

Expanded to over 52,000 square feet in 1996, the Walchem Group efficiently shares and is strengthened by combined administration resources, yet each company maintains and focuses on its own research and development, sales, customer service and manufacturing in a communication enhancing layout that provides work space for enthusiastic and productive employees, many who have been with the company for decades. We utilized the best data management techniques to serve our customers in the excellent manner they have come to expect from us.

  • Weight: 120 lb
  • Height: 24 in
  • Width: 18 in
  • Depth: 16 in
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