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1 in. Water Output Oscillator, Sea Swirl

Product #WM-SS0100

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Description: Sea Swirl's Water Output Oscillator have been designed to increase water circulation. This in turn improves the health and life of the corals and fish in your tank. Rated up to 2000 gph.
Brand: Sea Swirl

Product Information

1 inch Sea Swirl water output oscillator 220v. Rated up to 2000 gph.

Standard bracket assembly supplied fit's glass tanks with tank frame width of 1-5/8" max. Units are supplied with a BLACK fpt x fpt inlet (for hard pvc plumbing) with the optional barb fitting included for hose connections.

Inlets are now ADJUSTABLE for easier installation of incoming water supply.

- Oscillates the return from your existing pump or canister filter 90 degrees every 60 secs.
- Operates with any pressure.
- Improved circulation and stimulates growth plus carries nutrients to corals and plants.
- Eliminates use of powerheads
- Sits on top frame of tank built in bracket to fit all aquariums.
- Compact (5" x 7" x 2½")
- Energy efficient (5W) motor is UL Listed and CSA Certified
- Max Flow Rate: 1150 gph
- 9 foot electric cord

  • Weight: 2.75 lb
  • Height: 9 in
  • Width: 8.9 in
  • Depth: 8.9 in
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