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24 Gpd Residential RO System Filmtec Membrane

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Description: 24 Gpd Residential RO System with Filmtec Membrane and pressure gauge. Complete 4 stage system with self-tapping brass feed valve and automatic shut-off valve.
Brand: GroSite

Product Information

The 24 gallon per day Standard Reverse Osmosis system features a DOW Filmtec TFC membrane rated at 99 percent rejection - the highest rejection rating in the industry. This means that this system will remove an average of 99 percent of all impurities from the water source. The standard 10 inch sediment and carbon pre-filters provide effective filtration while maintaining compatibility with any standard 2.5 inch diameter by 10 inch long filter cartridge.

The Standard Reverse Osmosis systems feature a brass self-tapping feed valve and a clamp-on drain connections for easy permanent or semi-permanent installation to a copper pipe water supply. An external flow restrictor provides for easy maintenance and or customizing the rejection rate. John Guest Quick Connect fittings throughout allow for easy serviceability.

The Standard Reverse Osmosis systems are designed to be used in an on demand application. These units have an automatic shut-off valve as they are designed for use with a float switch or valve in a permanently installed application. The automatic shut-off valve will shut-off the incoming water when the output is stopped via a float valve or manual valve. This allows the unit to stop the flow of incoming water when there is no demand for output water - saving water for the end user. These are not portable units designed to be installed and removed from the water source when used.

GroSite replace cartridge packs are available. The 180 day pack is part number RO-GRSTD-KIT-180 and the 365 day pack is part number RO-GRSTD-KIT-365-1.

Five year GroSite warranty does not cover the filter cartridges.

  • Weight: 14 lb
  • Height: 19 in
  • Width: 18 in
  • Depth: 10 in
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