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Titan 300 Gpd Reverse Osmosis System

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Description: Titan 300 GPD L-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems feature an excellent pre-treatment design, high quality components and offer high performance. Titan systems are designed for higher recovery rates and minimum energy consumption.
Brand: Titan R.O.

Product Information


- Membrane: One 2.5" x 21" TFC HF4 Membrane - For maximum rejection of impurities and high flow.

- Membrane Housing: One 2.5" x 21" Champ Membrane Housing - Features a patented design and requires no tools when servicing.

- Pump: Two Aquatec® 8800 Booster Pumps 24 VAC - Designed for continuous use and features built in protection for loss of feed water pressure, UL recognized and NSF58.

- Frame: One Steel White Powder Coated Triple Bracket - Corrosion resistant and light weight.

- Sediment Filter: One 2.5" x 20" Slim Line 5 Micron Polypropylene Filter - Removes sediments and protects the system.

- Carbon Block: One 2.5" x 20" Slim Line 10 Micron Carbon Block - Removes Chlorine, odors and tastes.

- Carbon: One 2.5" x 20" Slim Line GAC - Post polishing carbon filter for taste enhancement.

- Filter Housing: Three 2.5" x 20" Slim Line Double O-Ring Filter Housings - Offers durability and improved sealing capabilities.

- Pressure Gauge: One PuroTech 1.5" 0-150 PSI Pressure Gauge - For accurate monitoring of the system's operating pressure.

- Tank Switch: Two Aquatec® Tank Pressure Switches w/ 3/8" JG Ports 20-40 PSI - For automatic operation with a pressure tank.

- Electronic Shut-Of Valve: One Aquatec® Electronic 24 Volt Solenoid Valve 3/8" - Automatically shuts off the feed water to the system.

- Auto Flush Timer Valve: One Aquatec® Auto Flush Timer Valve 800 ml/min 1/4" - Regulates the system's recovery (product to waste ratio) and automatically flushes the membrane on start-up.

- Transformer: Two Aquatec® 8800 2 Amp 110 Volt 60 Hertz 24 VAC Transformers.

- Easy Maintenance & Operation: Titan reverse osmosis systems feature a compact design, are pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and have all of their components strategically located for easy access and inspection.

  • Weight: 45.4 lb
  • Height: 33 in
  • Width: 29 in
  • Depth: 10 in
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