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DISCONTINUED -Schuran Aquaflotor Jetskim 120 w/ Aquabee pump

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Description: Schuran Aquaflotor JetSkim 120 (Ozone Injection) Protein Skimmer with pump Aquabee 2000/1, Diamater 4.72 inches, for aquariums up to 160 gallons (LxBxH) 7.28 x 5.9 x 20.5 inches
Brand: Schuran

Product Information

Schuran Aquaflotor JetSkim 120 (Ozone Injection) Protein Skimmer with pump Aquabee 2000/1

High Performance Protein Skimmer

JETSKIM skimmers are hobby versions of Schurans professional AQUAFLOTOR skimmers. Aquaflotor JetSkim skimmers offer superior skimming performance due to their triple pass system which means that water and air stay in contact longer, allowing more time for skimming. All skimmers have venturi injector systems and can be used safely with ozone.

The use of Aquaflotor-Skimmer causes a more intense removal of protein contrary to usual skimmers and makes perfect use of ozone possible. The skimmers work in energy saving mode and are service friendly. They can be readily integrated into most buildings due to their compact construction. As basic condition to gain all the mentioned functional advantages is the exact dimensioning of the skimmers, suitable integration into the rest of the filtration system.

Diameter 120mm,
For aquaria up to 600L
(LxBxH) 185 x 150 x 520 mm
Diameter 4.72 inches
For aquariums up to 160 gallons
(LxBxH) 7.28 x 5.9 x 20.5 inches

High performance protein skimmers made by SCHURAN seawater equipment following the Aquaflotor-principle have been made for more than 20 years. They have been in use since then and have produced convincing results, under tropical or even polar conditions. These skimmers performances are out competing those of usual skimmers by far.

The backgound of enhanced performance of Aquaflotor-skimmers: To get the highest concentration of protein skimmed off, the proteins have to form complexes called micelles. These are made of protein molecules which fuse with each other forming a macromolecular networks. But this can happen only under calm and undisturbed conditions! Currents, turbulences or chaotic convections are counter productive and cause the micelles to break into pieces before they can be skimmed off. Contact time between water and bubble is another character of eminent importance. The longer the time is the more protein a bubble can collect on its surface. This contact time is several times longer than in usual and unchambered skimmers. It is neither the amount of water flow nor the amount of air sucked in alone which causes good results, but more than this it is the constructional set up which cause the enhancement.

Ozone enhances protein skimming but is only possible with the right skimmer design! Ozone is currently still used in fish farming systems without protein skimmers to ad in the break down of proteins. This does not cause a removal of the protein but only an oxidative breakdown to nitrite and nitrate and can accumulate over a period off time and thus cause vast growth of algae. Therefore, in these systems a high percentage of water has to be exchanged regularly. Furthermore, water with a higher ozone levels or redox potential can be very harmful to animals skin if not managed properly.

If ozone is used in protein skimmers ozone can have very beneficial effects. However it can be can be used much better in Aquaflotor skimmers than in unchambered skimmers and can be even reduced in its amount in comparison to unchambered constructions. The chambering of the skimmers cause the bubbles to go where they have the most beneficial effect they should have. They do not leave the skimmer and cannot go over the expansion cone.

Quality of Aquaflotor skimmers:
Aquaflotor Skimmers units will be durable and reliable over many years and should work with high efficiency coupled with improved energy savings. Aquaflotor skimmers are optimized concerning these characteristics: They are made of highest quality materials only and are products of best manufacturing practices. Aquaflotor skimmers are designed to use a single pump only and thus, save a lot of energy due to only one pump running.

  • Weight: 8.8 lb
  • Height: 24 in
  • Width: 12 in
  • Depth: 11 in
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