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Reef Octopus Hang-on Protein Skimmer w/ OTP 1000

Product #PS-CVOCT-BH-1000

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Description: Reef Octopus Hang on the back Protein Skimmer with OTP 1000 pump. High quality acrylic skimmer with included needle wheel venturi pump. Rated up to 90 gallons.
Brand: Coral Vue

Product Information

Reef Octopus Hang on the back Protein Skimmer with OTP 1000 pump.

High quality acrylic skimmer with included needle wheel venturi pump.

Triple baffle design to eliminate the output of bubbles into the tank.

Unit is 8-inches wide.
Requires 3.25 inches minimum clearance between back of tank and wall.
Minimum tank height is 13 inches.
Overall skimmer height is 21.5 inches.
Minimum tank cutout dims are 7 inches by 1.75 inches.
Maximum distance from back tank wall to minimum size cutout is 1.5 inches.

Item #: OCT-BH-1000
Dimensions: 7.75 x 3.25 x 17 (inches)
Includes OTP 1000 pump
Rated up to 90 gallons. (varies due to bio load of system)

Reef Octopus BH-1000

Protein skimmers are applied to most saltwater aquariums to remove certain organic

compounds, including proteins and amino acids, by using the polarity of the protein itself,

from the water to stop most of them decomposing into nitrogenous waste. Because of the

intrinsic charge, water-borne proteins are attracted to the air-water interface. Protein

skimmers work by infecting numerous tiny bubbles into the water chamber, which present an

enormous air-water interface for the protein molecules to cling to. The more tiny bubbles

reside in the chamber, the more proteins it absorbs.

1. Install the skimmer according to the illustration. Hang it on the back of tank, tighten

screw and make sure its fixed.
2. Put the water into the skimmer chamber until the water level is up to 8 in., switch off theair valve completely, start the power. After seconds, turn on the air valve as soon as thepump works properly. When the bubbles coming out perfectly, replace the air valve by the

3. Adjust the water outlet, so that the bubble stopper comes out a little bit from surface.
4. If power shuts off, restart from step 2.

Collection Cup: It should be taken away to clean up at least once a week, depending on the organic load. Cleaning will enhance the extraction substantially.
Reaction Chamber: Internal clean up every 6 months recommended.
Safety Tips
1. Do not allow the skimmer pump to run dry.
2. Do not touch the plug with wet hands
3. Do not clean the skimmer with any chemicals that contain alcohol or ammonia.

Reef Octopus skimmers have the 2 year warranty on craftsmanship, one year on the water pump. We will take responsibility for the products as long as its been installed and used properly. Consumable spare parts are not applicable to the warranty. If Reef Octopus products do not appear to be working correctly or be defective, please contact your local dealer. Or you can contact us at 985-781-9078 or

  • Weight: 10 lb
  • Height: 21 in
  • Width: 10 in
  • Depth: 10 in
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