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Aqua Medic Miniflotor Protein Skimmer

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Description: Aqua Medic Miniflotor Protein Skimmer, is a small but powerful air-driven internal protein skimmer, rated for up to fish tanks up to 50 gallons.
Brand: Aqua Medic

Product Information

Aqua Medic Miniflotor Protein Skimmer

The miniflotor is a small but powerful air-driven internal protein skimmer. It features a double reaction tube system: within the inner tube air bubbles rise and carry large quantities of water upward. This water then falls into the outer tube and carries the air bubbles downward to the expansion cone, here the bubbles turn and rise up against the strong counter-current, and carry waste products to the foam cup. This procedure ensures a long contact time for the bubbles, making this an effective, but compact, skimmer. The miniflotor includes a strong holding plate, allowing vertical movement of the skimmer to regulate the foam production zone. A lime wood air diffuser producing very fine air bubbles is also included.

For the air supply, we recommend the Mistral 200 membrane air pump.

Diameter: 50 mm (c. 2 inches)
Length: 45 cm (c. 18 inches)
Total width: 15 cm (c. 6 inches)

Working principle
The Miniflotor is a small inside protein skimmer for aquaria up to 200 Liter volume. It is characterized by the double reaction pipe, that makes him a real counter flow skimmer.
The air bubbles rise in the inner pipe. Like an air lift, they take a high volume of water with them.
This water is forced to flow downwards in the outer pipe. The air bubbles follow the water stream downwards, until they reach the expansion cone. At this point the air bubbles turn and rise in the counter current upwards. This ensures a very high detention time of the bubbles in the water.

The Miniflotor is supplied with a strong holding plate, that allows a secure fastening of the skimmer at the wall of the tank. The holding system allows to move the skimmer up and down and to adjust the foam building zone correctly.

In addition, the holding plate leaves the space for a redox electrode, if ozone is used.
The Miniflotor is delivered completely with an air stone. For starting you only need an additional air pump (app. 200 l/h).

Protein skimming is a physical method of water treatment. It uses a common and well known phenomenon: the adhesion of surface attached substances to air - liquid layers. If you drop some oil on a water surface, it forms a thin film, only as thick as one molecule. Surface active substances e.g. proteins behave similar. In the Miniflotor, a huge water surface is created, where the waste substances attach. If the bubbles reach the surface, a stable foam is created, where the organic wastes are accumulated and removed from the water.

The work effective, the Miniflotor needs a contact column, where water and air can react. The air is injected into the water with an air pump and an air stone.

Total length; including foam collection jar app 45 cm
Diameter of the reaction vessel 50 mm

The effectiveness of the Miniflotor can be increased using ozone. Ozone oxidizes lots of organic compounds, that can then be skimmed off or metabolized by bacteria in the biological filter.
The size of the ozoniser depends on the size of the aquarium. Ideal is a combination of Ozoniser and Redox Potential Controller. With this, the amount of ozone is controlled automatically.

  • Weight: 3 lb
  • Height: 6 in
  • Width: 4 in
  • Depth: 2 in
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