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Aqua Medic Ocean Runner 3700 for Turboflotor 5000

Product #PS-AM70007

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Description: Aqua Medic Ocean Runner 3700 replacement pump for Turboflotor 5000 protein skimmer.
Brand: Aqua Medic

Product Information

Aqua Medic Ocean Runner 3700 replacement pump for Turboflotor 5000 protein skimmer.

At the heart of every Aqua Medic protein skimmer is an Ocean Runner Skimmer Pump. Each is a specially converted Ocean Runner that has been appointed with our original needle wheel impellor and all the necessary fittings to be direct replacements for your Aqua Medic protein skimmer pumps. We do not modify the nameplate on these pumps, so refer to the quick descriptions below to eliminate any confusion when replacing a pump for your current Aqua Medic skimmer.

The Ocean Runner Series of magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps are very quiet in operation. They have fully encapsulated synchronous motors and can operate completely safely either submerged or out of the water. The polished ceramic shaft and bearing is practically wear resistant, ensuring a long operating life. An integrated thermal overheat protection device prevents damage to the windings should the impeller rotation be impeded.

The pumps can be easily taken apart for cleaning.

All materials are salt water resistant.

About Aqua Medic

Aqua Medic Inc opened in October 2000 in Houston, Texas. Aqua Medic GmbH of Bissendorf Germany, the parent company, has been a prominent name in the industry for many years in Europe and it believed that opening its own warehousing and distribution center was the best way to serve the US hobbyist. Doing business as Aqua Medic of North America, we will continue our tradition of honest and professional distribution of Aqua Medic's cutting-edge aquarium products while improving the experience of our customers and our loyal end-users both before and after the sale. By improving everything from product catalogs to instructions, from web available support materials to one-on-one customer service, this change in management will benefit dealers and end-users alike. We look forward to serving you, as we always have, only better!

As Aqua Medic of North America continues to grow we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us and encouraged our development. We are constantly expanding our product line by bringing you the latest from the European market as well as blazing a new trail of Aqua Medic equipment manufactured right here in the USA, so check back regularly for exciting new products.

Thank you from everyone in the Aqua Medic, world-wide family.

  • Weight: 7.85 lb
  • Height: 13 in
  • Width: 7 in
  • Depth: 7 in
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