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Pro 4800 Pump Vault, Danner

Product #PD-DM02460

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Description: Pro 4800 Pump Vault with cover, Danner.
Brand: Danner MFG

Product Information

Pro 4800 Pump Vault with cover, Danner. The ProLine Pro 4800 Pump Vault is a sturdy, large capacity housing used in self-contained waterfalls and streams. It will accommodate submersible pumps up to 5000 GPH. A self-contained waterfall or stream is easy to install and even easier to maintain - and best of all it's pet- and child-safe. The ProLine Pro 4800 Pump Vault is the basis for creating a long-lasting, trouble-free installation. Features: Acts as a large pre-filter to protect submerged pump intakes from getting clogged with gravel or debris. Built of rugged, weather-resistance Polyethylene plastic. Can be safely buried below grade. Reinforced lid withstands the weight of gravel and stones. Works great for fountains or any water gardening feature. Port for mounting auto fill valve. Dimensions: 23-inches x 23-inches x 25-inches.

  • Weight: 30.1 lb
  • Height: 26 in
  • Width: 23 in
  • Depth: 22.9 in
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