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OZN-1 Ozone Generator, C.A.P.

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Description: OZN-1 Ozone Generator, C.A.P.
Brand: C.A.P.

Product Information

The C.A.P. OZN-1 Ozone Generator attacks and neutralizes odors. It eliminates odors caused by smoke, mold, mildew, pets, cooking and damp basements by generating ozone (03) - one of the most powerful oxidizers available. O3 does not just mask odors, it neutralizes odors at the source, then harmlessly converts to CO2 and oxygen. Ozone output is 1000 mg/hr. It comes complete with a 3 year warranty (6 months on the bulb) Good for deodorizing up to 5500 square feet.

  • Weight: 12 lb
  • Height: 18 in
  • Width: 4 in
  • Depth: 3 in
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