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Crypto-Pro, National Fish Pharmaceuticals


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Description: Crypto Pro from National Fish Pharmaceuticals. Works well against the new stubborn strains of Ich and Cryptocarayon we have been seeing lately.
Brand: Fish Pharmaceuticals

Product Information

Crypto-Pro, National Fish Pharmaceuticals

Crypto-Pro works will in both marine and freshwater aquariums against resistant strains of Ich & & Protozoa such as Hexamita (hole in the head disease) and Chilodonalla (body slime).

Crypto-Pro is also helpful when other medications seem to have no effect. This product is safe for sharks, eels, rays, catfish, loaches, and all other scaleless fish.

This package contains 71 doses (enough to treat 715 gallons of water 1 time). Net weight 20 grams.

  • Weight: 0.15 lb
  • Height: 3 in
  • Width: 2.9 in
  • Depth: 2.9 in
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