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Jalli 36 Inch 2x96 Watt Deluxe PC Fixture

Product #LT-JLCFS96W36

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Description: Jalli 36 inch Deluxe 192 (2x96) watt Power Compact fixture. Comes with fan, sockets for 2, 96 watt German style straight pin bulbs. Includes mounting stands, controls for daylight and actinic bulbs.
Brand: Jalli

Product Information

36 inch 192 Watt Deluxe Jalli power compact fixture with fan, 2 x 96 watt German style straight pin bulb. Hardened aluminum housing that has been covered with a special finish to resist corrosion. The inner reflective mirror drives the light down into the aquarium. Includes a removable acrylic splash lens cover that keeps moisture off the bulb to prolong life. Includes optional mounting stands. Independent controls for daylight and actinic bulb. Fan comes on with actinic bulb. ELECTRONIC BALLAST. Jalli lights require power compact bulbs with sockets that have the pins arranged in a straight line.

Dimensions: 35 inch x 7 1/8 inch by 3 1/8 inch,


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  • Weight: 9.85 lb
  • Height: 39 in
  • Width: 10 in
  • Depth: 6 in
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