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250 watt Reeflux 20,000k MH Bulb, Coral Vue

Product #LT-CV-MHBRL-SE-25020

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Description: 250 watt 20,000K ReefLux Mogul Base MH bulb.
Brand: Coral Vue

Product Information

250 watt 20,000K ReefLux Mogul Base MH bulb. High quality bulb manufactured in Japan specifically for the reef aquarium industry.


ReefLux is the first true 10000K full spectrum metal halide bulb to be offered to the aquarium market. Other manufacturers claim to offer a 10000K lamp but that is just a marketing number of their best attempt to offer a full spectrum 10000K lamp. This is why they have a yellow or orange appearance and need to have some kind of fluorescent actinics to balance it out. Generally the more yellow or orange a bulb the more PAR the bulb will produce. ReefLux offers you the highest PAR rating without having to flood your aquarium with high powered fluorescent blue bulbs. The ReefLux 12000K has the performance of the 10000K but with a touch of blue added. We have also added the 20000K bulb to the Reeflux line.

  • Weight: 0.51 lb
  • Height: 13 in
  • Width: 2 in
  • Depth: 1.9 in
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Product Rating

  • 2009-07-17 10:55:40.000 - Review by
    This bulb gave me more than I expect. Very nice blue color, very brilliant, and my corals loved it. I will bought again this bulb.

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