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Nextgen 400 watt 120-240 volt digital ballast, C.A.P.

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Description: Nextgen 400 watt 120-240 volt digital ballast, C.A.P.
Brand: C.A.P.

Product Information

The NextGen Family of Digital Ballasts will run up to 1000 watt bulbs. With flicker-free operation, fast lamp ignition and a constant lamp voltage, they are perfect for the next generation of gardening. They produce up to 30% more light than a standard core and coil ballast, while putting out much less heat. The NextGens are the smallest ballasts available and weigh just 6 lbs for the 1000w model and 4.25 lbs for the 600w/400w, 600w, or 400w models. They can run at any voltage from 90v - 260v, making them very versatile. The Universal Lamp Receptacle will accommodate most manufacturers reflector cords. In addition to these great features, the NextGen Digital Ballasts can run your bulbs up to an amazing 65 feet away from the ballast. Custom Automated Products has been supplying gardeners with the best equipment available. The NextGen Digital Ballasts come with a 5 year warranty. (3 years full, 2 years pro-rated)

  • Weight: 0 lb
  • Height: 16 in
  • Width: 8 in
  • Depth: 2.5 in
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