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Immuvit 100 ml immune defense system, Tropic Marin

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Description: Immuvit 100 ml immune defense system from Tropic Marin.
Brand: Tropic Marin

Product Information

Immuvit 100 ml immune defense system.

Tropic Marin IMMUVIT activates the immune defense in fish and supplements food with essential B vitamins. Research studies have shown that the betaglucane contained in yeast naturally activates the immune system of fish and therefore stimulates the resistance of fish to diseases. The water-soluble B complex vitamins contained in yeast and spirulina ideally supplement every food. Vitamin B12 in spirulina arouses the feeding behavior in fish. Furthermore, spirulina also contains asthaxanthin which improves the color and fertility of fish.

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  • Depth: 2 in
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