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Tom Aquatics Rapids Pro Series Auto Fill System

Product #FI-TT1317

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Description: Tom Aquatics Rapids Pro Series Auto Fill System (AFS) - Auxiliary Water Reservoir
Brand: TOM Aquarium

Product Information

All aquarium hobbyists are faced with the every day chore of replacing evaporated water, either to their aquariums directly or to a wet/dry sump.

AFS is an automatic, hassle-free way to easily replace water evaporation in an aquarium. AFS automatically replenishes up to four gallons of evaporated aquarium water directly into your wet/dry filter sump.

Benefits of adding AFS to your aquarium:

* No more day after day addition of water to top-off your aquarium. Go out of town or on vacation without worrying about your wet/dry filter running dry and the pump freezing up.

* In saltwater aquariums it keeps your water level and salinity constant. This keeps your aquarium inhabitants stress-free and healthy.

* Avoid the shock to saltwater animals caused by adding large amounts of fresh water at one time. AFS slowly adds water to the wet/dry filter.

* Allows you the luxury of leaving the aquarium unattended for longer periods of time.

Another advantage the unique design of the Auto Fill System offers is that evaporation is almost non-existent due to the reduction of surface-air contact. Totally enclosed, water is released only when needed.

Easy to transport and easy to fill, AFS keeps your aquarium and wet/dry sump filled.

Auxiliary Water Reservoir Holds up to 4gal of water. This gravity feed water replacement system compensates for evaporation, adding make-up water slowly back into the system. Ideal for keeping water levels at required levels while on vacation or for everyday use. Perfect for freshwater or saltwater aquariums. 3/4" female threaded bulk head fitting required.

  • Weight: 8.55 lb
  • Height: 19 in
  • Width: 18 in
  • Depth: 11 in
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