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Berliner WD-125 Multi-functional Wet / Dry Filter

Product #FI-MN5002

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Description: Berliner WD-125 Multi-functional Wet / Dry Filter
Brand: Magnavore Magnets

Product Information

Berliner WD-125 Multi-functional Wet / Dry Filter

Extremely high quality: cut cell cast acrylic, all injection molded components, computer modeled and precision assembled, fully braced lids for prevention of warping.

Without a doubt the highest quality product of its kind with all the fit and finish of a Swiss watch!

A set of built-in features unrivaled by any competitor:

Fully customizable drain kit for gurgle-free operation
Noise reducing bubble chamber
High capacity weir
Two sets of trays
one set for drip and one set for micron bags
Two independent parallel filtration chambers can be set up individually with bio-balls or with a micron bag
Two independent parallel Simplicity Chemical Reactors for proper implementation of chemical filter medias such as carbon
phosphate remover, nitrate remover
blended granular medias
and ion exchange resins

A large unobstructed sump area for placement of pumps and skimmers.

Can be operated in three distinct modes:

In the wet/dry mode both filtration chambers are filled with bio-balls (provided by user) for a traditional wet/dry arrangement. The deep drip trays have an internal rib structure to allow usage of any pre-filter pad and come with a PURA Filtration Pad for outstanding pre-filtration. The simplicity Chemical reactors can be used on a continuous basis or inserted according to need. The Simplicity Chemical Reactors provide 100% efficiency in routing water through the chemical filter media.

In the Berlin mode both filtration chambers are fitted with the provided 100-micron bags. The bag-holding trays also come with an internal rib structure for accommodating any pre-filter pad. The micron bags can be washed regularly to prevent nitrate formation or can be managed to provide 100% effective biological filtration. The 100-micron bags provide unequaled mechanical filtration. Unsurpassed water clarity, simple maintenance, and low nitrate formation are just a few of the reasons why most reef keepers prefer this operational mode.

In the combined mode one chamber is fitted with bio-balls and the other with a micron bag. This arrangement gives fully oxygenated water and outstanding water polishing. It is favored by those with fish only systems where both a stable bio-film and a high degree of water clarity are desired.

Dimensions: 30 inches x 11.25 inches x 18 inches (LxWxH).

  • Weight: 38 lb
  • Height: 34 in
  • Width: 22 in
  • Depth: 15 in
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