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Large Octopus Hang-On Refugium.

Product #FI-CVOCT-REF24

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Description: Large Octopus Hang-On Refugium. Includes pumps and return assembly.
Brand: Coral Vue

Product Information

Large Octopus Hang-On Refugium. The Reef Octopus refugium provides a controlled growing area for macroalgae, which can be used to supplement nutrient export to help maintain a clean and well balanced system. The refugium also acts as a safe haven for populations of live food like copepods and ampipods for invertebrates and fish within the main tank. Includes pumps and return assembly. Dimensions: 24-inches x 4-inches x 12-inches.

  • Weight: 25 lb
  • Height: 30 in
  • Width: 16 in
  • Depth: 12 in
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