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Aquacontroller Jr. w/ DC8 and Serial Port


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Description: AquaController Jr. Backlit unit with temperature probe, serial interface, and eight outlet direct connect power center.
Brand: Neptune Systems

Product Information

AquaController Jr. Backlit unit with temperature probe, serial interface, and eight outlet direct connect power center. The AquaController Jr base unit delivers the highest price performance ratio in the industry and brings truely affordable aquarium monitoring and control to tanks of all sizes. The AquaController Jr has the same great programming configuration language of our higher end controllers as well as the temperature and pH monitoring and control, lighting and pump/powerhead control. The Jr is now available with an optional serial port so that it can be connected to your PC. With AquaNotes Lite, our free Windows software permanent records and graphs of the datalogs are possible. In addition the AquaController Jr is able to:

Monitor: pH, and Temperature -

Control: pH, and Temperature -

Optional Computer Serial Interface - works With AquaNotes NOW! -

1 Optional External Switch Input -

Timers -

Simulate Sunrise/Sunset -

Simulate a Moon Cycle -

Control Powerheads/Pumps (Wavemaker) -

Hardwired or X10 Control Options -

Programming Language -

Alarms -

Perform Datalogging -

Flash Memory for easy Firmware Upgrades -

LCD Display -

Display Lock with password protection -

Battery Backed Real Time Clock -

The AquaController Jr has an easy to use and intuitive three button user interface. The buttons are used to navigate through the menus and to modify the standard setup. All setup and program modifications are possible through the buttons on the AquaController Jr - no external computer is required.

The base unit includes a comprehensive owner's manual, which contains instructions and examples on how to best utilize your AquaController Jr. No technical background is necessary to setup and operate the controller. The base unit measures 2.75' x 4.60' x 1.00'.

To help you perform the initial setup of the AquaController Jr, the base unit comes pre-programmed with a default setup which requires little if any modification to work with most aquarium setups.

  • Weight: 3.05 lb
  • Height: 12 in
  • Width: 9 in
  • Depth: 3 in
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