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Description: AquaNotes version 3.5 Windows based software platform for data logging.
Brand: Neptune Systems

Product Information

AquaNotes version 3.5 Windows based software platform for data logging. When the controller is connected to your PC running AquaNotes Lite (our free Windows software) the internal datalogs can be downloaded/graphed, and the unit can be configured from your PC. With the full version of AquaNotes email alarms, web server, event logging, and many other great features are available. The full version of AquaNotes has the following features:

Allows the AquaController to be configured from the PC. -

Ethernet Connection to AquaController 3 or AquaController 3 Pro supported. -

Both conventional windows GUI and web browser interface. Click here for live demo. Note: web server not supported on Windows XP Home Edition. -

Updates the seasonal temperature and lighting variation tables. -

Updates the AquaController's program and timer names. -

Allows user control of all the devices connected to the AquaController. -

Continuous monitoring and graphing of all parameters measured by the AquaController. -

AquaController controlled event monitoring. -

Support for several tanks and/or AquaControllers. -

Multiple site and Tank Support -

Automatically downloads and graphs the data log (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs available). -

Advanced graphing functions -

File output of all monitored parameters so that they can be imported into other data analysis tools (i.e. Microsoft Excel). -

Integrated fish/coral/tank database. A complete electronic notebook on the conditions and animals in your tank(s). -

Alarm notification via email, pager, or shell command of tank error conditions. -

Graphic Database Explorer -

Automatically set the AquaController's Clock/Date. -

Remote access to the AquaController via a modem or TCP/IP connection. -

Supports both the AquaController and the AquaControllerPro. -

Support for direct modem connection to an AquaController -

Support for hardwired serial connection to an AquaController -

On-Line Help -

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