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Jetstream-Pico The Calcium reactor

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Description: Jetstream-Pico the calcium reactor with gaswater separator and injector, complete.
Brand: Schuran

Product Information

Jetstream-Pico the calciumreactor with gaswater separator and injector, complete with pump MJ 1000 and bubble counter. For 1 liter coralsand, for aquaria up to 500-600 liters (without fillings). (LxBxH) 130x155x400mm. The Jetstream calciumreactors were designed totally new and reach dimensions of efficiency second to none. Many users, if professionals or hobbyists know that they can dissolve coralsand in much higher quantities than in any other reactors before if these have static or moved fillings. If necessary it is possible to dissolve one filling per month. Carbondioxide is taken up by an injector system. Bubbles of carbondioxide which have not been used are recatched by a gas/water separator and are injected into the reaction chamber again. In this way not a single bubble can leave the reactor without having been used. Up to now, the rest gases, mostly nitrogen, has caused problems in every closed reactor, thus complicated and delicate degasing procedures have been necessary. The Jetstream reactors are the first which make use of this gas in a profitable way: It has a beneficial effect on the water flowing through the coralsand thus hinder the system in accumulation of fine slick. The whole filling is evenly dissolved. As a result the speed of current in the system is enhanced remarkably without diminsihing the solubility for carbondioxide. The outlet water is free of gas. Everyone can compare and test the capacities, the results are reproducable - Jetstream reactors are the first ones with performance diagrams!

  • Weight: 5.4 lb
  • Height: 28 in
  • Width: 10 in
  • Depth: 8 in
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