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DISCONTINUED-AE Tech Media Melter 300 Calcium Reactor

Product #CR-AE02CR300

Availability: No longer available

Description: AE Tech Media Melter 300 Calcium Reactor. Rated for up to 300 gallons.
Brand: AE Tech (ETSS)

Product Information

AE Tech Media Melter 300 Calcium Reactor.

Rated for up to 300 gallons.

High quality all cast acrylic body construction.

Down flow media chamber design found superior to fluidized reactors in operation, does not cause dusting of media.

Designed for very low and efficient CO2 use.

Clear cast acrylic reactor chamber.

Unique dual inlet, self filling PVC bubble counter & water inlet.

Commercial grade PVC/ Stainless check valve with quad ring seat and 1 psi cracking pressure.

Free, removable all PVC reverse flow media reactor on the tank return.

Fill with Phosphate removing media or Calcium Media for a second stage reactor.

Designed to use any calcium media available without causing phosphate problems in your tank if the reverse flow outlet reactor is filled half way with phosphate removing media.

Oversized & Quiet Pan World 30 PX Water Pump for the best efficiency from your CO2 gas.

High quality unions on all fittings for easy service and cleaning.

Includes all hoses and reliable non leaking Jaco fittings for water and CO2.

Includes PH probe holder for PH monitor or better a PH controller.

Compact and Quiet operation.

Easy hookup. Only three lines needed (Water in, water out and CO2 in.)

Total Height: 24 inches.
Footprint: 10 inches x 10 inches.
Chamber OD: 4 inches x 18 inches.
Water Inlet: 1/4 inch Jaco fitting.
Water Outlet: 1/4 inch Jaco fitting.
Feed Method: Siphon/Powerhead/Pump
Water Pump: Pan World 30PX.
Media Capacity: 9 lbs.
PH Probe Holder: Standard.
Bubble Counter: Standard.
High quality check valve.
Pump inlet bulkhead, no glued fittings here. Pressure tested to 10 psi

  • Weight: 0 lb
  • Height: 24 in
  • Width: 10 in
  • Depth: 9.9 in
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