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Host Sea Anemone Secrets By Dr Ron Shimek

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Description: Host Sea Anemone Secrets by Dr. Ron Shimek. A Guide to the Successful Husbandry of Indo-Pacific Clownfish Host Sea Anemones
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A guide to the successful husbandry of Indo-Pacific Clown fish Host Sea Anemones by Dr. Ron Shimek.

Dr. Shimek discusses the problems inherent in keeping these animals. Also covered within this book are the following areas of interest, Reproduction, Basic Husbandry, Physical Conditions, Biological Requirements, Size, Health, Requirements, Advanced Husbandry, and Biology.

Dr. Shimek started his path to becoming a marine invertebrate zoologist & ecologist with his first salt water aquarium in 1962. His interest piqued, so he went on to study zoology first at Montana State and later at U of Washington where he received his M.S. and Ph.D. for work done investigating marine soft sediment ecosystems. He has written numerous articles for aquarium magazines as well as many scientific publications. He is a world recognized authority in scaphopod mollusks and turrid gastropods and has been an invited speaker at scientific meetings.

24 pages, soft cover

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