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Captive Marine Aquarium Special Edition Hardcover

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Description: Captive Marine Aquarium, A Colorful Photographic Resource for the Aquarist, Special Edition Hardcover by Wayne Shang. A collection of over 200 colorful photographs taken from his 700 gal reef aquarium
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A collection of over 200 eye opening colorful photographs taken from Wayne Shangs 700 gallon reef aquarium and his 300 gallon marine fish only aquarium. Included with this special edition is a 70 minute DVD Mass Spawning of Tridacna Clams in Captive System containing footage believed to be one of the only few documented mass spawning of Tridacna clams in home marine aquaria.

View the large and small angelfish of 10 years, and the butterflies and cleaner wrasses of over 5 years. See in full color the Tridacna clams, small poly stony corals, and reef fishes. Included in this page to page color filled hardcover book are the author photographer aquarists notes on captive behavior, propagation, breeding, and growth sequence, lighting and current requirements, health and disease, feeding and diet, chemistry and temperature.

Discover how one hobby expert aquarist set up his marine aquarium system, the equipment that he uses, and how the system is maintained.

A must have reference for all marine aquarists.

Hardcover 224 pages

ISBN 10 193058069X

ISBN 13 978-1930580695

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  • 2009-02-08 15:00:29.000 - Review by seanjones25
    This is a good deal and I really enjoyed the DVD that comes with it.

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