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Aquarium Journal Marine Log Book

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Description: Aquarium Journals Marine Aquarium logbook. Experts agree that using a logbook is the key to a successful tank, and this product is a must have tool for all marine aquarists from the beginner to expert
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Aquarium Journals is the only product of its kind.

The Aquarium Journal is an essential tool for the successful marine aquarium hobbyist. Beginning and maintaining a successful marine system requires a great deal of time, effort, research and expense. Aquarium Journals Marine Edition is a complete record keeping system to help ensure your success as a marine aquarist at any skill level.

This product is a must have tool for all marine aquarists, from the beginner to the advanced expert. It is the only comprehensive log book available on the market today made exclusively for marine and reef aquarists. This system provides you with a place to keep all things relating to your marine aquarium from receipts at the LFS to livestock selection and behavior, weekly and monthly maintenance, and much, much more. The best thing is refills will be available soon at nearly half the cost. This one of a kind log book is specifically designed to help you record essential information as you grow and maintain your marine aquarium. Aquarium Journals marine aquarium log book includes the following, A sturdy, water resistant, refillable binder. Customizable inserts that provide the necessary prompts to record a wide array of information in the following sections,

Equipment List Record all pertinent equipment information

Local Fish Stores Record LFS information such as name, address, phone, when they receive new stock,

Internet Sites Allows you to log significant Internet sites and the subjects they specialize in.

Livestock The livestock section is one of the most important aspects of Aquatic Journals: Marine Edition as it allows you to record information about all aspects of your tank's inhabitants.

Monthly Maintenance On this two-page monthly tab section you will find a place to log supplements you may have added and summaries to quickly reference any livestock or equipment you've added or removed.

Quarantine Prompts you to record essential information on new livestock acclimation and disease treatment for your quarantine tank.

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