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LV 700 Series Chrome/Silver Aquarium (21 gal), Via Aqua

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Description: Via Aqua Complete 21 gallon rounded corner chrome (silver) framed glass aquarium that comes with an elevated aluminum hood, undergravel filter, powerhead, one 18 watt 7100K daylight and one 18 watt 12000K blue light for a total of 36 watts (German style
Brand: ViaAqua

Product Information

ViaAqua® LV 700 Series chrome (silver) Aquariums use state of the art technology to provide a seamless viewing area in every glass aquarium manufactured. All aquariums are made using the highest quality floated glass to insure durability and clarity. Finally a glass aquarium with radius corners that will not scratch or craze like acrylic and plastic aquariums. Enclosed in an elevated aluminum hood are one 18 watt PC actinic bulb and one 18 watt PC 7,100k daylight bulb. Both lights are powered by a remote ballast with independent switches for either light. The aquarium is filtered by an undergravel filtration system that is powered by a Via Aqua powerhead. With over three watts of lighting per gallon these aquariums are ideal for Nano reefs and planted aquariums. ViaAqua® aquariums are designed for freshwater and saltwater environments.

20 inch L by 13.25 inch W by 22.75 inch H.

  • Weight: 75 lb
  • Height: 22 in
  • Width: 21.9 in
  • Depth: 16 in
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