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Max Totem Black Aquarium Stand For Red Sea Max

Product #AQ-RS40210

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Description: Max Totem Black Aquarium stand for Red Sea Max Aquarium.
Brand: Red Sea

Product Information

Designed to compliment the MAX, the custom built MAX Cabinet offers both superb looks and user-friendly functionality. Built to exactly match the colour, style and rounded contours of your MAX, the Cabinet transforms your aquarium into a eye-catching centerpiece in any room at home or at work.

Available in easy-to-assemble flatpack form, the Red Sea MAX Cabinet is constructed from sturdy materials to provide a strong and stable platform for your MAX, which can weigh up to 200kg, or 440 lbs when filled.

The Cabinet contains a large compartment custom designed to accommodate a water chiller, with sufficient room for models rated from 1/10 hp up to 1/2 hp.*

Above the chiller compartment is a removable, multi-position upper shelf for the convenient storage of foodstuffs, test kits, supplements and other aquarium essentials.

The Cabinet features a large rear opening for fast and easy access to the chiller tubing and power cable.

Note: If you plan to use a water chiller, ensure that there is least 10cm / 4 inch of clearance behind the MAX to allow for sufficient air circulation.

* Should you require a water chiller for your MAX, Red Sea recommends a 1/10 hp model.

  • Weight: 100 lb
  • Height: 26 in
  • Width: 25.9 in
  • Depth: 7 in
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