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28 Gallon Nano Tank Open Top black

Product #AQ-EAT19R

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Description: Aqua Euro 28 Gallon Nano Tank open top glass aquarium system comes with BLACK background, 2 160 gph pumps, seamless curved glass front.
Brand: AquaEuroUSA

Product Information

Aqua Euro 28 Gallon Nano Tank closed top glass aquarium system with BLACK background. Includes two high performance 160 gph water pumps. Quality seamless, curved glass for optimal viewing. Comes with Built in 3 stage filtration system, mechanical, chemical, biological. Filtration system: filter sponge, ceramic cylinders, bio balls, carbon. Perfect for home or office. Convenient Feeding Access.

Dimensions: 18 inches x 20 inches x 22.5 inches.

Best Design, Construction and Performance

AquaEuroUSAs Protein Skimmers are highly favored among aquarists due their Superior Craftsmanship, Body Design, Performance and Affordability.

Superior Craftsmanship

High Grade Acrylic Construction

High Quality Needle Wheel

Pumps are Highly Efficient



Simple to Set Up and Operate

About AquaEuroUSA

AquaEuroUSA is dedicated to offering only the finest quality aquarium products on the market. We offer a full line of Quiet and Reliable Chillers, Well Constructed Protein Skimmers and Calcium Reactors, Exquisite Aquarium Systems, Quiet and Reliable Submersible Pumps with Flow Control, Cool Running Magnetic Drive Pumps, Titanium Heaters and an assortment of other high quality aquarium products

  • Weight: 75 lb
  • Height: 24 in
  • Width: 23.9 in
  • Depth: 23.9 in
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