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Marc Weiss Instant Amazon 16 oz

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Description: Marc Weiss Instant Amazon 16 oz. enhance and synchronize the necessary cycles that occur in nature, but not always in your aquarium.
Brand: Marc Weiss

Product Information

Marc Weiss Instant Amazon (16oz.)

Instant Amazon and Living Water Vital enhance and synchronize the necessary cycles that occur in nature, but not always in your aquarium!

Unitl now, in the aquarium industry, attention has all been directed to the nitrogen cycle without addressing the other cycles: carbon, sulfur, phosphorous, iron, potassium, etc. The resulting imbalance creates problems such as excessive algae, disease, pool plant growth, etc.

Our biological catalysts can put things back in order to the point where not only the usual nasties - ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and chloramines are dealt with, but the other compounds are cycled as well. It impacts upon the microflora and fauna facilitating their ability to do what they do best. Some microorganisms are best at nitrifying, others denitrifying, metabolizing phosphorus, photosynthesizing and even competing with disease organisms, etc. The captive environment lacks the enzymes needed to kick start these functions and maintain them; here's where our product comes in.

The catalytic action, among other things, allows good microbes and plant cells to win out over bad ones - among other things. Due to continuous cycling and presence of transitional compounds test kits may show false readings of nitrogen compounds ONLY. Other tests such as pH, hardness, etc. are NOT AFFECTED.

Instant Amazon the natural, modern, ecological water conditioner for discus, angel fish, dwarf cichlids, tetras, killies rasporas, gouramis and other rainforest fishes! Recreate rainforest conditions in your aquarium and encourage spawning, fertility and lush plant growth!

Biological algae and ich control; aquatic plant growth accelerator - detoxifies ammonia; nitrites, and liberates nitrogen. Dramatically enhances growth of aquarium plants without nitrates or phosphates. Biologically discourages algae and parasites. Enhances biological filtration.

  • Weight: 1.1 lb
  • Height: 8 in
  • Width: 3 in
  • Depth: 3 in
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