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Coral Vital 16 oz Marc Weiss

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Description: Marc Weiss Coral Vital 16 oz, The purpose of Coral Vital is to relieve stress caused to Coralline Algae.
Brand: Marc Weiss

Product Information

Marc Weiss Coral Vital 16 oz.

The purpose of Coral Vital is to relieve stress caused to Coralline Algae. The stress is generally created by the binding of beneficial substrates within the aquatic environment, eliminating their use and effectiveness. Coral Vital has an array of minerals with carriers of invert sugars that replace the bound substrates.

Once the stress induced by the bound substrates has been alleviated, corals will open up plus regain their full color spectrum.

Enhances growth of coralline algaes, anemones, sea mushrooms and sponges. Promotes coral polyp regeneration and reproduction; aids damaged corals. Causes Cryptocaryon (Saltwater Ich) to become dormant. Corals open up. Adhesion to substrate is accelerated. Breaks down ammonia and nitrates. Enhances utilization of organic wastes to create an ongoing cycle. With continued use colorful coralline algae growth can choke out and overtake hair, green, brown, blue and red algaes such as slime and bubble algaes. Increase dosage to cycle new aquariums, acclimate new fishes, corals and marine life and enhance their reproduction.

Coral Vital is an enzymic activated biologic catalyst designed to stabilize microorganisms whose byproducts directly benefit corals. This process achieves a stabilization of aerobic and anaerobic processes. These processes work through the nitrogen cycle and carbonization cycle and results in decomposition of organic wastes allowing certain organisms to out compete others. These enzymic catalysts will put the beneficial bacteria, coralline algaes photosynthetic corals and higher organisms into over-drive. It will cause them to eat more, and grow faster and utilize light and nutrients more efficiently. Organisms such as hair and slime algaes will be starved out by the accelerated growth of the corallines, corals, etc.

You will still need trace elements and the recommended additives for the creatures you are keeping. As they will now grow faster you may find you need to increase certain of these substances as you organisms will consume nutrients faster.

  • Weight: 1.15 lb
  • Height: 8 in
  • Width: 3 in
  • Depth: 3 in
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