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Kent Marine RO Right, 500 Grams

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Description: Kent Marine RO Right, 500 grams, is an easy to use liquid formulation of dissolved solids and balanced electrolyte system that returns the natural water chemistry to reverse osmosis, distilled or de-ionized water.
Brand: Kent Marine

Product Information

Kent Marine RO Right, 500 grams

Specially formulated mixture of dissolvable solids (also called general hardness or GH) which includes major salts of sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium together with all necessary minor and trace minerals, together with a small amount of carbonate alkalinity (KH) to reproduce artificial river water (most aquarium fish are river fish).

Provides natural water chemistry for the conversion of reverse osmosis, distilled or deionized water for fresh water fish and plants. Provides a balanced electrolyte system. Useful for all fresh water fish, including Discus. This is the premium liquid formula used the world over to raise discus and other freshwater species.

Contains no phosphates, nitrates, silicates or organic chemicals to pollute the system! Liquid RO Right is unmatched for quality and value!

Directions: Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon for Discus (or 1 teaspoon for soft water fish such as bettas and barbs or 2 teaspoons for goldfish and Koi) of R/O RIGHT for every 10 gallons of purified water, for initial tank setup or for water changes, depending on the type of fish and the desired water total dissolved solids (TDS includes all ions in solution.

TDS is better measured electronically or by conductivity meter. General hardness or GH tests usually only measure calcium and magnesium content and are a poor substitute) Do not greatly exceed the recommended teaspoons even if your test indicates different!

Use plain R/O or DI water for additions for water lost to evaporation. Next: Test alkalinity (carbonate hardness or KH) and adjust with Kent pH STABLE as necessary.

Next: Test pH and adjust with Kent pH CONTROL MINUS or pH CONTROL PLUS as necessary. For best results, add Kent Freshwater or Discus Essential weekly as directed. Frequent water changes will help insure a healthy environment. Kent Zoe added to food will supply needed vitamins.

  • Weight: 1.5 lb
  • Height: 4 in
  • Width: 3.9 in
  • Depth: 3.9 in
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