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Strontium Chloride Solution (20%) 16oz, ESV

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Description: Strontium Chloride Solution (20%) 16oz is a very pure and concentrated form of strontium, free of phosphates and nitrates.
Brand: ESV

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Strontium Chloride Solution (20%) 16oz. E.S.V.

Our Strontium Chloride Solution is a very pure and concentrated form of strontium, free of phosphates and nitrates. The aquarist should be aware that Strontium Chloride does not add bicarbonate and carbonate ions to the system. Since most calcifying organisms require these ions in addition to strontium ions, the aquarist should monitor alkalinity frequently when using Strontium Chloride and make the proper adjustments with a buffer additive.

Exactly how strontium supplementation benefits marine aquaria is a subject open for debate. Some have demonstrated its effectiveness in precipitating orthophosphate from the water column. This could result in less problem algae blooms and enhanced calcification of corals and coralline algae by lowering phosphates, which has been shown to "poison" calcification. Others have speculated that less energy is required for calcifying organisms to extract strontium carbonate than calcium carbonate because of greater insolubility. Regardless of the mechanism involved, there is strong anecdotal evidence that marine aquaria dosed with Strontium Chloride show increased growth rates of coralline algae and hard corals. There have been reports of suspected strontium toxicity to aquarium inhabitants when large doses were applied, so we recommend that the aquarist not exceed our maximum recommended dose.

Thank you for your interest in ESV Aquarium Products, Inc. We are a family owned and operated chemical specialties business, established in 1932. Our many years in the chemical industry and aquarium hobby, combined with my experience as a marine biologist, enable us to bring the marine aquarist high quality specialty chemicals at very low prices.

  • Weight: 1.25 lb
  • Height: 8 in
  • Width: 3 in
  • Depth: 2.9 in
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