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Microbe-Lift TheraP 8.5 oz

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Description: Microbe-Lift TheraP 8.5 oz, increases resistance to pathogens and parasites. Also, establishes and maintains symbiotic microbial population aiding in disease prevention within your aquarium and pond.
Brand: Ecological Labs

Product Information

Microbe-Lift TheraP 8.5 oz bottle

Microbe-Lift TheraP for pond and aquarium use and provides a natural pond ecosystem, resulting in the following benefits

Increases resistance to pathogens and parasites

Establishes and maintains symbiotic microbial population aiding in disease prevention Biologically supports a healthy aquarium ecosystem resulting in a healthier breeding environment

Stimulates fish's immune system

Promotes healthy fish and increased growth

Can be used with all ornamental, cyprinids, coldwater, temperate, native and wild species

Improves dissolved oxygen levels

Aids respiration and gas exchange

Contains both Nirosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria
Oxidizes both ammonia and nitrites and also reduces nitrates
Beneficial when overpopulation exists
Increases resistance to pathogens and parasites
Reduces environmental stress and is Environmentally Friendly
Digests organic fish waste and biodegrades uneaten decomposing food
Immediately seeds and helps maintain biological filters
Compatible with all aquarium and pond flora and fauna
Effective over a wide range of pH conditions
Will not significantly alter the mineral balance of the aquarium water
Eliminates noxious odors
Compatible with all Microbe-Lift aquarium products
Safe for all animals in and around the pond
Good for both fresh and saltwater fish

32oz bottle treats up to 20,000 gallons

  • Weight: 0.65 lb
  • Height: 6 in
  • Width: 3 in
  • Depth: 2.9 in
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