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Reef Basis Lugols EX 30 ml

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Description: Reef Basis Lugols EX 30 ml
Brand: Continuum Aquatics

Product Information

Reef Basis Lugols EX 30 ml

Reef Basis Lugols EX is a very powerful supplement, designed to nourish organisms that require iodine. It is particularly useful for soft corals of all kinds, particularly xenia, as well as gorgonians, hard corals, tunicates, marine worms such as feather dusters, sponges, macroalgae, and crustaceans, particularly shrimp. Growth rates in xenia and gorgonians will likely improve with use. It helps all corals and clams retain their coloration and shield against strong lighting. This will allow them to open more fully and be more beautiful. Reef•Basis Iodide contains no gluconate or polygluconate.

  • Weight: 0.5 lb
  • Height: 5 in
  • Width: 2 in
  • Depth: 2 in
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